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Balance Skills before Skating Skills

On ice gliding, sliding, skating, turning, spinning and jumping is a segment's of basic hockey skills. This skills depend of the player's body balance on the skates. The balance of player's body on the skates is the center point of players proper maneuverability in the hockey game. Without knowledge of progressive algorithm of balance development for hockey skating technique, things make go wrong. In any sport's on-ice, including hockey, is a two types of balance skills development: general and specific. General balance skills for recreational skating can be developing by "learn to skate" program. Specific balance skills relates only to competitive individual hockey mastery. In fact, there is no so much Hockey Specialists who knows about "secrets" of human balance and equilibrium on-ice development. Even Wayne Gretzky, the best player of all time, do not have good record in coaching.

Science of Invisible Skating and Balance

Dr. Smushkin is the first in the sport world science, who design and develop scientific instruments to study and measure the human ice skating and balance. To make invisible visible, he invent a number of mechanical devises that could be attached to the skates, facilitating evaluation of body balance and measure skate-edge-ice contact.

This scientifically proven knowledge of "secrets" foot mussels-skate edge -ice control, help to understand skating and balance bio mechanics and develops rational, effective and economical skating techniques.

Scientific Knowledge is the real Power of Teaching and Learning!

My High-Tech Lab on Ice

I am proud to be first who materialize and make the invisible visible and share with others