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Learn from The Man who Knows!

"To skate like a quick skater and play like a winning player, the only way is Smushkin's way! Improve your skills from Smushkin's drills, learn from the Man who Knows!"

I am very proud of our student's hockey accomplishments: some have made the USA Olympic Team, Sweden and USA National Team, many play Junior A hockey, others have earned college scholarships through hockey. Particularly, we are proud of our students who have played and are playing professionally in the NHL.

Learn from the premiere source of scientific hockey knowledge!
No other prevalent operated hockey school in North America and Europe has our proven record!

Jim Dory Toronto Tiger Williams Toronto
Brian Glennie Toronto Jack Valiquette Toronto
Curt Walker Toronto Matthew Schneider Detroit
Paul Cavalini Dallas Peter Ferraro Boston
Mike Peca Toronto Chris Ferraro Pittsburgh
Keith Primeau Flyers Adam Foote Colorado
Chris Wells Florida David Nemirovsky Florida
Richard Park Minnesota Jim Campbell Florida
Ian Moran Boston Ed Campbell N.Y. Rangers
Daniel Tkaczuk St. Louis Mark Popovic Anaheim
Matthew Stajan Toronto Ryan O'Marra NY Islanders
Kyle Wellwood Toronto Jason Spezza Ottawa
    Ben Lovejoy Anaheim

Over 39 years that CISI Inc. and the Hockey School of Excellence have operated, generations of young hockey players have passed through our programs and experienced Smushkin's Elite Hockey Agility Training System first-hand.

The Famous Training and Learning System of Dr. Yasha Smushkin.

Smushkin's System of Training and Learning is far more advanced and effective in comparison with those based on hockey playing experience alone.

What makes the Smushkin's Training and Learning System unique and famous?

His Teaching System is based on the educational partnership of child, parents and teacher. This means that System provides the unique opportunity for teacher and parents to grow together with their child. We explain the scientific laws of this development which may help many parents to nurture children in hockey and avoid being misled. We are the one and only privately operated camps in the hockey world who provides scientifical recourses for a child to grow together along with his parents. Our system of training young hockey players in our camps is based on a group method of learning elite hockey agility under the supervision of only one professional teacher and creator Dr. Yasha Smushkin.

The philosophy and common sense of our training and learning consist of the idea, which has been many times proven in the history of team sports, that the System of Teaching and Learning determines whether a child will grow into an excellent athlete or not. The System of Teaching and Learning produced the talents, not vice versa, and Hockey as a Sport, also complies with general rule.

We are not talking about young hockey players whose goal is just to maintain the present levels of condition and quality of play. We are talking about the players who seek self-improvement, the ability to use their body and mine to play agile, rather than abuse the body and mine and play wild.

Extend a warm welcome to children, who want to discover their potential though innovative individual skating and hockey technique, designed by Dr. Yasha Smushkin. Just like everybody wants to be rich, but doesn't know how, many boys dream of being hockey stars, but neither they nor their parents know what to do to realize this dream. Our school provides on-ice and off ice assistance for children and their parents to make this dream come true.

What the Students Say

"Just a short note to express my sincere thanks to you. I am sure as I look back, the many skills and techniques you exposed me to will prove to be an invaluable help to me as I continue my hockey career. Your unique camp and commitment to perfection made you a pleasure to learn from and work with. I was particularly pleased with the variety of drills and their practical application to Live hockey. Best of luck for your continued success, as well as your continued development of young skating talent"

Tony Hejna -1985 NCAA Championships, Troy, New York

"Smushkin's excellent hockey techniques and methods helped my skating and over-all hockey abilities tremendously. Keep up the great work, Dr. Smushkin!"

Eddie Choi - Received 4 yr. Hockey scholarship to the Ohio State University

"I hope you will be pleased to know that yet another one of your students has received a full scholarship to a Division One Hockey School. I am proud to say that I will be playing hockey for the University of New Hampshire this October. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have taught me. I know I would not have accomplished this without you guidance."

Brenna Rockburn

"Over the last seven years I have had the honour and privilege of being a student of Dr. Yasha Smushkin. Many of the hockey skills I possess are a direct result of his knowledge and wisdom."

Mark Popovic - NHL, Anaheim

"This weekend have I learn more what skating and stickhandling are, than I learned in hole my 9 years old life! You can learn to skate & stickhandling in many ways, but I think - do it in Dr Smushkin's way and you be right from the beginning! "

Jesper Lundqvist - Hanvikens SK, Sweden

"Doctor! It is your most difficult student Jeffrey Reppucci! I really hope that you are doing very well! I know that now you are in Sweden training and I hope that it is going well for you. I wanted to write to you to give you an update on myself. I am right now preparing to start my second season of Div. 1 College Hockey at Holy Cross. I had a very successful season last year leading all defensemen on my team in scoring and being named the All-Rookie Defensemen of the year in my league. I was named league rookie player of the week twice and helped my team to a very successful season. I must thank you Doctor, because I can say that if it were not for you I would not have had the success and fortune that I have had in my hockey career. The skills you gave me in my puck handling and skating have allowed me as a smaller player for my level to excel. Most of all the vision and mental skills you developed for me have really proven to be my strength in hockey. Again Doctor, thank you for your program and interest in me throughout my time training with you. On a non hockey related note I also must thank you for sparking an interest in my academic studies that has become an obsession. I am studying Russian Language and Culture extensively at University and actually spent six weeks in Moscow this summer studying language, culture, and the beautiful women of Moscow. It was you who introduced me to Russian culture and its beauty and fullness through staying at your house, training with you, and most of all listening to your music! Now I am a Russian studies major at University and I am planning on returning to Moscow next summer for more studying of both Russian history and Russian women ... the best in the world! I hope to see you soon where we can catch up by speaking Russian! Again Doctor, thank you for the ten years that I spent training with you. Your program doesn't just make Hockey players but also men and it was through my summers with you that I developed the toughness and passion to hopefully make something of myself. I wish you the very best and I hope that I will get to see you again soon. I consider you a part of my family and I will never forget your teachings and your legacy."

Sincerely, your grateful student Jeffrey Reppucci

What the Parents Say

"Joey has gone from a bench sitter three years ago to No.1 on his team. He has won MVP Awards in every tournament entered, he has over 82 goals to date and still going strong. You have taught him well, his skating, speed and pll.ck control is something you would be proud of. Thanks to your training, Joey has had the most successful year ever. Thank you Dr. Smushkin."

Linda and Mike Pedulla - Milton, Ontario, Canada

"My son enjoyed your camp at Mennen arena this summer, he says all the other camps he attended were for wimps. Thanks!"

Len Vico - Yardville, N.J., USA

"Thank you for the superb month of training which Bonnie enjoyed in Toronto. In all our years of national and international ski competition, we have never seen a training program that approaches your level in developing competitors.
We are tremendously impressed by your philosophy, the analysis and careful planning that goes into the program, your creativity and your skill in pacing the entire clinic to maximize the training while keeping it "FUN". You have a wonderful talent for leading the skaters to constantly challenge themselves. You have a truly unique talent for determining the precise physical and mental point that the athletes need to work on, and then a way of designing a session to address those precise points. Your students will never forget the sessions that they spend with you. The lessons that they learn by challenging themselves will be important to them throughout life, even if they never do any other serious skating. It is a pleasure to watch you at work, I would happily sit and watch the entire month - if I could arrange it. Thank you for your help."

William B. Peirce - Forstdale, Mass, USA

"Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! What more can be said? The week of July 23 was the most fantastic week of training I have seen, regardless of the sport. My wife and I had no intention of being present at the ice rink nearly as much as we were. To be quite frank, we were so fascinated with the drills, and our son's efforts, that we had difficulty pulling ourselves away to do more than eat lunch.
Your program is excellent and your disciplined approach is needed, appreciated and exactly what my son needs. Asked on Friday evening, after the last day of camp, whether he would like to return he responded unhesitatingly with a resounding 'Yes'."

G. Philip Rossman - Fort Wayne, Indiana

"I would like to take this opportunity to convey my sincere appreciation for giving my son the opportunity to train under your care and expertise. Our understanding of the art of skating has been greatly enhanced with the comprehensive explanations and demonstrations you provided during our week with you. Jon's performance in power and dynamic skating significantly improved. The techniques of inside and outside edges, one dimensional and two dimensional arm motions, as well as one speed and two speed coordination between upper and lower body is knowledge that Jon and I continue to put to use in his training. You have equipped me, as Jon's father and primary trainer, with the knowledge to bring his performance to the next level. I am no longer at the mercy of well-intentioned coaches and trainers when it comes to understanding what is right or wrong in these skill sets. I see Jon progressing as a performer rather than a participant as his self-confidence in these acquired techniques advances. I would recommend this combination of parent / child training to anyone that wants to understand the skill requirements, conditioning, and training required to help their child move forward in the sport of hockey."

Jon K. Peterson - Somerset, N.J. US

"From you Matthew has learned the value of hard work and the pride that comes from succeeding at a difficult task. This attitude shows up in his approach to work at home and at school as well. He expects a great deal from himself and is prepared to put in the effort to obtain his desired result."

Art Linton - Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

" ... I hear comments like, 'what did you do with Zach, he looks great!' or, more importantly, 'Your son is a pleasure to have on the team, he conducts himself like a real leader and like one who can set an example for others to follow.' Doctor, I can't tell you how happy these comments make me, especially those concerning him as a person, beyond hockey. You were right, your training system teaches not only hockey but more importantly LIFE LESSONS."


I am an instructor within the Swedish Ice Hockey Association and let my son (-95) practice for a week with Dr. Smushkin this spring. This was our first experience with him and I was impressed by how he took the concept of body and mind agility to a whole new level. I always believed my son to be very developed in these areas, but now we have new and higher goals. Thank you Doctor for the inspiration and knowledge You so passionately share.

Merten Wetterstrand -Sweden

Dr. Smushkin Thank You for a very inspiring weekend. My sons eyes sparked with enthusiasm and happiness back home. He is already longing for next time!

Madeleine, mother to Marcus Evholt (-95) - Sweden

Hello Dr. Smushkin, I am very pleased with the improvements in Diane's skating. She is seeing and feeling the difference. She went to a team practice just before her session with you on Sunday and said she felt much more secure and confidant in her skating. Thanks for your concern and commitment as well as your expertise.

Thanks, Mary Snobelen, Professor, Toronto, ON