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What the Students Saying about
"Track the Puck"

"My son Guy played on Sunday and helped his team wine 5 - 3 with a goal and an assist and 'killed off' 4 penalty killing situations of 5 on 3! He says he's seeing the play develop better and is able to react and respond quicker and more effectively - while using up less energy in the process! Online Self Training seems to be really helping him in his defensive role as much as his scoring!"

Martial Thevenot

"You are truly a pioneer in the development of the hockey player, without a doubt as innovative and knowledgeable as anyone who has come before you."

Bill Shafer

"Austin's father and I have certainly noticed a dramatic evolution in his skating and game awareness ability since taking part in your online program. We are looking forward to his next opportunity to skate for you."

Jocelyn Boesch

"Benefits: Dynamic visual acuity, eye tracking, peripheral awareness, depth perception, eye-hand-foot-body coordination."

Coach M

"I would like to tell you that I just finished a game of track the puck. I got very good. I'm excited because I only have 11 games left to do. I find now that when I do it consecutively I do much better than if I do it every once in a while. I thank you very much for this program. My goal is to finish AA by the end of the week. I'm looking forward-to moving up to AAA."

Zachary Oles

"I started the online training and it is great. I will continue to do it at least 2 times a day."


"...Lucas got 5 points in his last game. He loves your Track the Puck system. He seems to be making very smart plays in his on-ice game. He's looking forward to getting to his next level."

Joe & Isabel Silva

"Steven's game play has reached a new level. He seems better focused on primary action, not so easily distracted. His reaction times are improving and his decision making is split-second... Thank you for guiding us in the direction of visual training."


What the Students Saying about
"Dynamic Vision"

I just tried your new online training program "Dynamic Vision". I think it's great! It's more of a challenge than "Track the Puck", so it interests me.

Ben Sargent

Steven has tried "Dynamic Vision", 2 tests, and likes it. He thinks it's fun. This dynamic interaction has mentally stimulated him and I sense his excitement. Thanks for striving to create the next "Great One", he is out there somewhere.

Bill Shafer

Lucas has tried your dynamic vison a few times. He gets excited to go on line and try it. He enjoys it quite a lot. It puts him well in tune with his eye and brain reaction. It's a great challange!

The Silva family

I finally got chance to try out for myself your Dynamic Vision ... All I can say is WOW! This is truly AWESOME and I would say 5-10 times more STIMULATING than Track the Puck... Though TTP is a logical beginning, DV is MUCH MORE HOCKEY LIKE! What a sequel! IT'S FANTASTIC!


After trying the new program only four times, I feel that it is more challenging than Track the Puck because of the moving pucks. The moving pucks make me think quicker and also make it much more exciting. I love the new program.

Chris Buonomo

I enjoyed the track the puck training. It really helped me during games. Also I think the dynamic vision was fun and challenging.

Chris Matthews

What the Students Saying about
"Wide Angle Vision"

The competition is tough but I seem to be getting better. Of the programs I especially like your Wide Angle Vision.

Michael Davis



I tried your new game and thought it was great. I like how you really need to think and concentrate on what you're doing. I also like it because it's a fun challenge that my whole family likes.

Zachary Oles