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Certified Instructor Course

Unique Agility Hockey Skating Skills, which includes hand-stick-puck dexterity and high body maneuverability with mind resourcefulness, successfully challenges traditional Power Skating and takes players to the next level in their competitiveness.

C.I.S.I Inc. offers the most professional individualized online, face-face lessons (through skype) and on-ice educational workshop to pass the Hockey Teacher Certification Exam and become certified as a Teacher-Instructor of Agility Hockey Skating Skills for minor hockey. C.I.S.I. Inc. has rights from the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations to be educational private organization
"to develop and establish high standards of teaching and achievements for general skating,figure skating and hockey skating"

After 39 years of internationally teaching Elite Hockey Agility Technique in North America and Europe, we are offering an online educational degree and on-ice practical learning course. This course is suited for those who would like to improve their knowledge in the field of teaching children hockey skills and improving their skills and agility through a scientific based method.

We offer applicants an Educational Learning Course with online, face-face (through skype) individualized consultation with Dr. Smushkin as well as theoretical knowledge. In addition there will be an on-ice practical opportunity for learning, assisting and instructing in our year-round Elite Hockey Agility camps in Canada, Sweden and Poland.

The Educational Learning Course has 3 levels for our applicants: Basic degree bronze level, Bachelor degree silver level and Master degree gold level.

The Basic bronze degree certificate, certifies the applicant to satisfy the minimum knowledge required to pass the certification tests from C.I.S.I. Inc. and be a competent agility hockey skating instructor and demonstrator for Level A players in minor hockey. A Bachelor silver degree certificate, certifies the applicant to satisfy the minimum knowledge required to pass the C.I.S.I. Inc. tests and be a competent agility hockey skating instructor and demonstrator for players in level AA of minor hockey. A Master degree gold certificate, certifies the applicant to satisfy the minimum knowledge needed to pass the C.I.S.I. Inc. certification tests and be a competent agility skating Teacher for players in level AAA in minor hockey.

All 3 levels have 2 tests: a theoretical online test through a face-face consultation (through skype) with Dr. Smushkin, as well as a practical test with Dr. Smushkin on the ice during his hockey camp sessions. C.I.S.I. Inc. will provide our attendees the theoretical materials, which include: books, video, video-clips and other important foundational information through online communication with Dr. Smushkin. In the on-ice practical component, attendees will have the opportunity to learn hockey agility techniques with our camp students by assisting our camp instructors and demonstrating some hockey agility skating skills.

All our attendees must pass a Basic bronze degree certification, before learning a Bachelor silver degree and after that can for a Master gold degree.

The learning curriculum and the test certification exam for all 3 levels will be identical and will include an on-line as well as an on-ice component. In the circumstance that someone will not be able to pass the tests, they will have another opportunity to try again at another time with full co-operation of C.I.S.I. Inc.

C.I.S.I. Inc. certified instructors in any level, will be able to teach the agility hockey skating technique, created and certified by Dr. Smushkin.

Get the Edge to become a Certified Agility Hockey Skating Instructor!
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