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Level 1 Certificate

"Over the years I have always had an appreciation for the passion, creativity and uniqueness of Dr. Smushkin going back to the days when I was his student. I chose to become a Smushkin Certified Instructor because I wanted to upgrade my teaching skills, and become more knowledgeable about my craft. From a scientific standpoint Doctor’s program was the only option because it is based on a scientific algorithm and the laws of nature. Since I have completed my level 1 certification the way I approach my lessons has changed. I now have a whole new program which includes Gym on Ice, compulsory cornering and turning, rhythmical stickhandling, edge control, and shooting and scoring, just to name a few. These programs provide the necessary preparatory and supportive skills students need to become higher level hockey players. During my training Doctor explained to me what drills needed to be done, how they are to be done, and why they need to be done. I am more confident when I am teaching, the quality of my lessons is better, and my students are having a great time because the program is different than anything they have ever done before. Over the last 46 years Doctor Smushkin has taught thousands of players. He is a hockey scientist and a hockey creator. Selfishly I did not want to see his program come to an end. I went to him and asked him if I could carry on what he has spent a lifetime perfecting. I consider myself very fortunate Doctor has entrusted me with his knowledge, and teaching methodology to be able to pass onto my students. I am now looking forward to starting my level 2 certification."

Level II Certificate

"I have now completed my Level II Certificate with Dr. Smushkin. Level II was about Skillfulness and was taught through a series of lectures and on ice classes. Before I started certifying with Doctor I remember him telling me that there are only two things in hockey "innocent children and naïve parents, simple as that". The more time I spend with Doctor, the more I realize he is right. Doctor's lessons (he has a P.H.D. on the science of skating from the former CCCR) went back to the very beginning stages of skating starting with the construction of the skate blade and the anatomy of the human leg, and then progressed all the way through agile hockey footwork on hockey skates, with and without stick and puck. For example, when skating you have a very thin blade-edge-base, but the weight of your body remains the same. Because of this we have to find balance on the ice with our feet on skates. Balance has to be developed first before learning to skate by special body balance skills and exercises on two legs and on one leg. Therefore the term learn to skate is wrong because skating means one skate and one edge contact with the ice. We need a special program called Basic Balance Development with gliding, sliding, spinning and turning techniques without and with stick and puck. As Doctor will tell you, knowing what to do is easy but you must also know how to do things and why your are doing them with a clear explanation to the students and parents. Some of the other topics covered in Level II included how to use the upper body for acceleration, spinning, time and space symmetry, gliding, sliding, turning, jumping, hockey skate middle point, muscular elasticity, and edge equilibrium. Level II also gave me the opportunity to attend camps in Riga (Latvia), Stockholm (Sweden) and Burlington (Canada). I am now working with Doctor on Level III."

Trevor Gardner
L 1 Certified Instructor
Tel: 705-812-3344
E-mail: trevor@stphockey.com

Level 1 Certificate

Hello! Since 1978 I have been active in ice hockey. First as a player until 1993 (second highest league in Sweden), and then as a trainer and coach for children in youth section. When you start as a coach, it's very easy to start learning the way you played / practiced when you were active. Yes, and as we all know the education is not so high on those who try to teach children to become hockey players. I've been there myself, 191cm tall and 96kg heavy, so was my style in a big way only to be tackled.

"Just because you were a good player does not mean you are a good teacher."

In 2003, I came for the first time in contact with Dr. Smushkin. And believe me, for the first time see what real EDUCATION is all about. Has since that moment been enchanted in the technology that Dr. Smushkin call butterfly style. I realized that this way of educating students is the right way to do. It has helped me a lot in my involvement as a trainer / coach in boy’s hockey in Stockholm/Sweden. I understood what benefits I would get if I became a certified instructor of Dr. Smushkin, who basing their training from a biomechanically perspective way, and that is based on facts from science and natural laws. So I began my education at Dr. Smushkin. And my passion is now truly in the teaching of the extreme technology products containing 6 dimensions. If I look back on my education and experience over the years so I can say that I am the only instructor who has worked with him in 5 countries during these years, Sweden. USA. Canada. Czech Republic and Poland.

Not a single hockey federation around the world possesses the knowledge as he does in the individual technology / development, and he still wants to teach.

Almost anyone who teaches knows what to do. But unlike this school we talk about HOW to do it and can give an answer WHY you should do it. And that's a big important difference. What we started ten years ago started to have its roots in Sweden, where we now can see our first student / pupil be signed on NHL Draft List 2013, Adam Brodecki born in 1995 who have gone through this program in 7years. My oldest son Douglas Elgstam (1995) Playing in the OJHL for Milton Ice hawks. My other son Philip Elgstam (1998) selected for the TV- puck. But you need time and patience to wait for the results from this type of pyramid / system training. We can take my son Philip as an example: When he joined Dr. for 8years ago, he was not good, not coordinated, clumsy, or as Dr. called him "frozen peas off shit" but now it's something totally different. Where he is right now one of them most eminent 98 boy´s in Sweden.

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Now that I have studied and been certified and received my certificate by Dr.Smushkins. It has created new opportunities for me to teach. I’ve had my first training camp for students in Norway (Tromso) , who want to learn from this program. I see great demand for this world unique training program, and the reactions from parents, students and even trainer/coaches are incredibly positive. I have been told for example: ”I did not think this was possible to do. "Totally unique". "This opens new doors for tomorrow's hockey ." ”Never seen something similar" "What if I had had this training when I was young, I would have probably been a pro in the NHL." ”What an advanced program this is." "This gives the infinite possibilities for the individual"

Yes as you can see, this is just some of those comments that I received, and it is only to note that it is far too few who teach in hockey who really knows what they are doing.


There are many people that don’t have a clue what they are doing. In many cases, hurts them more than it brings, such as ”Coaches screaming skate,skate,skate.” Or try to control the players from the bench or from the stands." ”Screaming Tackling, running over him." And in fact, they have no idea what to do and what the consequences may conduct for the individual player. .

Magnus Elgstam
L 1 Certified Instructor
Tel: +46 (0)70-739 65 66
E-mail: m2.ab@telia.com