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Canadian Ice Skating Institute inc., Dr. Smushkin’s Hockey School of Excellence and
Elite Hockey Agilty Camps.

In the summer of 1973 Dr. Smushkin an academically educated sports teacher from Soviet Union started working for the first time in Boston Skating Club. Once in the United States, under the condition of free enterprise, he started giving private lessons to figure skaters from club and hockey players from local teams. Also, been a guest lecturer at University of Toronto (Canada) and skating conventions in USA, received rave natives in the press. Late in 1973 he moves from Boston to East Providence (R.I.) near Seekonk, Mass.

Dr. Smushkin’s privet school for figure skaters and hockey players was founded in 1973 at Bay State Ice Arena in Seekonk, Mass. USA. Bay State Ice Arena appears to be an ideal setup for Dr. Smushkin – beautiful, new facility where he can develop and build his own figure skating program and introduce totally different power skating techniques for young hockey players. Tony Plumental, owner of this facility, has been searching for professional and future of figure skating and power skating for hockey players in Seekonk appears exciting.

After working in the United States for nearly three years and having some experience in teaching figure skating and hockey Dr. Smushkin decided to try himself out in the “heart” of the native land of Canadian hockey. In September 1975 he came to Toronto and opened his own privet Figure Skating and Hockey School in Chesswood Arenas.

Dr. Smushkin decided to apply his sound knowledge of figure skating, gymnastics and other sports to hockey and establish the Canadian Ice Skating Institute inc. – educational sport organization officially recognized by Government of Ontario since 1976.

This institution became the first privet teaching and learning ground dedicated to Individual Hockey Player Development in North America and Europe. There is no other organization in the hockey world today that takes development of elite hockey agility in skating and individual game skills more seriously than the C.I.C.I. inc., Dr. Smushkin’s Hockey School of Excellence and Dr. Smushkin’s Elite Hockey Agility Camps.

Our teaching and learning programs are not for baby-sitting “hockey chickens” dreaming of bright hockey future. Our hockey skills and physical abilities development are designed to teach and challenge player’s mind, spirit and body to prepare them to “play not for fan”, but “perform for fame”. This why we expect our students and their parents to respect the learning discipline of real sport education and we can be authoritarian towards those who fall to do so.
Over the past 39 years we dedicated a tremendous amount of research to studying every aspect of the young human body in live evolution in sport competition. As result we developed revolutionary techniques that teach players to be unstoppable, untouchable, ahead of the action, to slowdown speed of the game.

Dr. Smushkin is proud of fact that he helped many of his students to continue their education through hockey scholarships in colleges and universities or play in the NHL professional teams. The success of Dr. Smushkin’s unique teaching and learning elite hockey agility skills speaks for itself. After 39 years in North America and Europe our former students have made the USA Olympic team, Canadian, Sweden and USA National teams and many play at Junior A level in the OHL and professional hockey in NHL and Europe.

Dr. Smushkin is also proud that after more than 39 years of intensive teaching, many of his school former students – “Smushkin’s Army of skills Instructors” is scattered throughout minor hockey in USA, Canada, Sweden and Czech Republic.

The only problem is that: to show a skill to students from mental memory what others do, not need a special education, but teach compulsory physical abilities for support this skills performance in the game without special academically knowledge, not possible. Many of Dr. Smushkin’s former students who pass his School and became hockey instructors do not have certification from C.I.S.I. Inc. with “Know How” and is we know, that wrong teaching make wrong learning skills.

Over 65 years of his career as professional coach in Soviet Union, United States of America, Canada, Sweden, and Czech Republic, through his classes passed several generations of figure skaters as well as hockey players of both past and present. Olympic medal winners such as: Lyudmila Belousova, Irina Rodnina, Alexander Gorshkov, Sergey Chetveruhin (USSR), Kerry and Peter Corrothers (USA) – in the figure skating field and more than 30 NHL players from professional hockey field. Also, he has professional contacts with internationally recognized hockey coaches such as Red Kelly, Mike Nykoluk, Billy Harris, Dave Chambers (Canada), and Victor Tichonov (Russia).

From this outstanding experience Dr. Smushkin appreciate the importance of teaching young hockey players and raising them in the proper system of elite hockey agility from the very beginning.

Who can challenge our historic record?

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