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Book 1: From Zero to 
Hockey Hero

Book 1: From Zero to Hockey Hero

published in 1993

This manual has over 200 pages of exercises with illustrations, designed to develop specific skills in skating and stickhandling as well as general qualities like quickness, balance and coordination. The concept of "hockey homework" is introduced. Although the main target audience is hockey parents, the book is an invaluable aid for coaches who want to embed individual skills development in team practices.
Book 2: Hockey Agility

Book 2: Hockey Agility

published in 1997

A perfect reference source for the coach who is interested in the serious, long-term development of his players. The book describes the theory behind successful development of body and mind agility in hockey. Special emphasis is placed on the age and the sequence in which physical and mental qualities must be developed.
Book 3: Mastering Hockey 

Book 3: Mastering Hockey Agility

published in 1999

An easy-to-follow practical guide to developing body and mind agility. Over 100 illustrated drills on skating, stick and puck control. Both individual and group drills, also some unique educational mini-games. This book conveys practical applications of the theory described in Book 2: Hockey Agility. It is an invaluable tool for players interested in self-development, coaches looking to design skills-oriented team practices and scouts aiming to rationalize their evaluation of player performance.
Video: Hockey Sniper

Online Visual and Mental self-training

Discover how to control emotional intelligence and develop mental toughness with the help of those on-line training programs! These programs are designed to improve your ability in Speed Reading, Quick Thinking, Peripheral Vision and Seeing Quick Actions Slower through the use of a personal computer at home. I am convinced that Mental Agility Development must become an important part of overall athletic training. If visual thinking systems are not working correctly and automatically, then the body's physical system will be negatively effected. Computerized "Track the Puck" and "Dynamic Vision" were tested on our students in Canada, USA ,Czech Republic and Sweden. Every time it has been proven effective.
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