What My Online Students Are Saying About "Dynamic Vision"


I just tried your new online training program "Dynamic Vision". I think it's great! It's more of a challenge than "Track the Puck", so it interests me.

Ben Sargent

Steven has tried "Dynamic Vision", 2 tests, and likes it. He thinks it's fun. This dynamic interaction has mentally stimulated him and I sense his excitement. Thanks for striving to create the next "Great One", he is out there somewhere.

Bill Shafer

Lucas has tried your dynamic vison a few times. He gets excited to go on line and try it. He enjoys it quite a lot. It puts him well in tune with his eye and brain reaction. It's a great challange!

The Silva family

I finally got chance to try out for myself your Dynamic Vision ... All I can say is WOW! This is truly AWESOME and I would say 5-10 times more STIMULATING than Track the Puck... Though TTP is a logical beginning, DV is MUCH MORE HOCKEY LIKE! What a sequel! IT'S FANTASTIC!


After trying the new program only four times, I feel that it is more challenging than Track the Puck because of the moving pucks. The moving pucks make me think quicker and also make it much more exciting. I love the new program.

Chris Buonomo

I enjoyed the track the puck training. It really helped me during games. Also I think the dynamic vision was fun and challenging.

Chris Matthews

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