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What is Elite Hockey Agility?
What are the most important factors for player’s role in the game?

A battle for the possession of the puck between two hockey teams existing on the slippery ice. Because of this factor somebody have to prepare players rationally, effectually and economically overcome the lows of gravity in the battle space and shifts time. This mean the gravity, space and time become prime obstacles who challenge the all players. If you are agree with me, than balance skating skills, not the power skating skills will control body gravity of the players on the ice.

Basic skating skills or power skating have nothing to do with overcoming power of gravity. I will give you fact: if you can spin, you can skate, but if you can skate, this no mean you can spin. Period!

The space orientation in game situation mean “read and react” quickly and rapidly. For that all players have to have high level of resourcefulness and maneuverability. Again, for that physical and mental abilities power skating skills are the thing of the past.

What I mean about “read and react “ in hockey battle? To me there are two basic game space orientations:

  1. Personal battle space when opponent to close to your body. To overcome opponent in your personal territory (space) you have to be more resourceful than he. I will give you tip. Take right stick in the same hand and place the puck on the ice. Than make up swing and slap the puck (down swing) with maximum power as you can. If you can’t do that in your personal space, how you can confront opponent of your age?
  2. Positional game space orientation without one - on - one confrontation.
    For this need dynamic vision to simultaneously control several (max. possible 7) moving objects. I will give you tip. Take 3 pucks and try simultaneously stickhandling them when all three moving. If you can’t, sorry, you have a mono -vision, not the needed poly-vision.

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The time or precisely, the rhymes of the shifts transition require perform the rhythmical moves for all the players. There are four compulsory rhythmical moves: slow motion, fast motion, quick motion and explosive motion with all possible interactive variations (transitions). I will give you a tip. Take two sticks and come to the hockey board with glass. Presume you are the drummer and try making a creative rhythmical noise with all basic transition. If you can’t be a “hockey drummer”, you can’t be a hockey player.

The one and only physical ability to “effectively read and react” that can slowdown the speed of the game are performance of Elite Hockey Agility. Power of the resourcefulness development of EHA has two things: gradual development of six basic compulsory physical abilities (look on my EHA pyramid) and parallel development individual hockey techniques outside team practices and the hockey tournaments.

What is mean individual hockey technique and how planning process of skills development? Criteria of Individual hockey techniques very simple: in the game only one puck and each player has the equal opportunity to touch puck, assist or score the goal. The soloist, with a better skills performance has the maximum points. Now we come to more important factor.

Every sport has standard technique, based on muscular memory and situational technique, based on mental agility. Hockey technique is a situational and process of development and learning must be correct scientifically and biomechanically and especially on the children level.

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When I mention science of biomechanics what does this mean? In simpler explanation the hockey players must have a “hockey chess brain”. For that majority of hockey skills in individual players development must simultaneously utilize both mind and body development. The mind is taught to guide the body into being a winner on the hockey battle and we can’t ignore this most important cognitive component of hockey player mastery.

After 39 years working in North America and Europe many of my former students try teach young hockey players by incorporating some of my ideas without of knowledge HOW, WHY and WHAT is NEXT. I see that and do nothing, to the point when my personal live will be change for good.

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Now is my happy time comes, thanks’ God and I make decision with support of my new wife to open a Course for Certified Agile Skating Instructors and continue to present my Elite Hockey Agility Camps worldwide.